Top Ten “70 V System” Myths


“70 V Systems” Needn’t Be Confusing

Of all the topics covered in SynAudCon courses, few are as misunderstood as “70 V” systems. Most people are surprised to find that these systems share many common traits as “direct” connected systems. The most important trait of these systems is the use of transformers on the loudspeakers (usually internal) to “step down” the signal voltage before applying it to the loudspeaker. This is necessary because the signal voltage is “stepped up” at the amplifier. In fact, at SynAudCon we prefer the term “transformer distribution system,” especially since they can be based on voltages other than 70 V.

The ratings and specifications are based on sine waves, but any audio signal can be played over the system.


Ten Reasons Why Church Sound Systems Cost More


In a day of mail order mania and cost consciousness, remind your church sound customers of some basic truths

by Pat Brown

A letter to a church sound committee might read:

Thank you again for the opportunity to provide you with a proposal for the sound system for your house of worship. While we appreciate your interest in “good stewardship” in the funding of this project, and understand your request for “church pricing” for the work, the following points should be kept in mind when determining the best value for the dollars spent. (more…)

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Practical audio resources

Educational Resources For Audio Professionals

Here are some new web resources to help you continue your self-education at the time and place of your choosing.

Filter Hose v2
First, there is a new version of a powerful FIR development tool – Filter Hose. FH is a FIR toolbox for audio practitioners. It accepts input data in many forms, and allows you to sculpt a FIR filter to meet your needs. It is low cost, and a light version will be available soon. The tutorial videos on the HX Audio Lab website are great learning tools. I mention it here because FH is platform-independent and works with data from virtually any measurement system.


On-Site RIR Survey


Site Survey: Room Impulse Response (RIR)

Preparations for this fall’s Making Wireless Work seminar are underway. Our members wanted an east coast event. Based on recommendations from the seminar staff and others, the site is Newark, NJ. There is a major airport nearby, local mass transit, and good access from the East coast rail system.

We were in Newark last month conducting Sound Reinforcement for Technicians and took the opportunity to do an informal site survey of the hotel and area. So, how much info can you get, armed with only an iPhone?

The Area
Below is a photo of the area. The Robert Treat hotel is just to the left of the blue sign. This is the seminar site. The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) is just to the right of the sign. (more…)