Our Mission

We realize that audio is only one of the many skills that the average AV practitioner needs to know. Our goal is to shorten your learning curve by providing practical and relevant training, articles, and educational material.

SynAudCon PhilosphyOur Philosophy

Our name “Synergetic Audio Concepts” describes our philosophy.

Synergy – the interaction or cooperation of two or more to produce a combine effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.  We like to describe our efforts with this saying. 

SynAudCon Story

SynAudCon was founded in 1973 by Don and Carolyn Davis, with the realization that there was a growing need for training in the audio industry. Don spent the first year writing a book called Sound System Engineering. They then loaded their customized Airstream trailer with state-of-the-art audio equipment, Sound System Engineering textbooks, and took their vision of providing real-world audio education to others. They combined their love for audio, Don’s passion for teaching, 20+ years of audio experience, and the concept of “synergy,” and set out to meet the industry’s needs.

For 23 years, they educated, listened, and created the synergetic foundation that is SynAudCon. When they turned SynAudCon over to Pat and Brenda Brown in 1995, Don and Carolyn had been responsible for the training of more than 10,000 sound contractors, designers and consultants. They literally changed lives.

Pat and Brenda Brown have the same vision and passion, and have taken the training to a new level for today’s generation of audio engineers.

Today’s technology has enabled us to reach the world with practical and relevant education through our in-person seminars, online training, member’s forum, and through our online educational library.

Meet Pat and Brenda


“Audio is our passion and we love what we do. It’s truly a pleasure to work with this wonderful industry.”

Pat & Brenda Brown 2014Pat and Brenda married in 1979 and are proud parents of 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Brenda was raised working in the fields of a produce farm and graduated from college with a nursing degree in 1978. Pat’s passion for audio began with playing in a band during high school. He graduated from college debt-free by giving over 100 guitar lessons weekly at a local music store. After obtaining his EET degree, Pat purchased the music store.  It was through retail that he was introduced to sound system design and installation.

At first, he made the typical mistakes the result from a mostly intuitive approach. Pat’s engineering background told him “This disaster should have been predictable!” He found “Sound System Engineering” by Don and Carolyn Davis in a local electronics book store and soon attended a SynAudCon Seminar.

This was a start of a life changing experience. Being self-employed, Pat could spend extra time on job sites to learn how to connect the theory to the practice. “What matters” and “When it matters” are as important as the information itself. He was hooked, and eventually sold the music store and went into full time contracting and consulting.

Pat Brown / Don Davis Early 90s In the 90’s, Don would use a guest instructor to help him with the classes. An instructor had to cancel unexpectedly due to an illness. They called Pat at the eleventh hour and he impressed Don. From that class forward, Pat became Don’s only assistant. In 1995, Don and Carolyn asked Pat and Brenda if they would like to continue full-time with SynAudCon, preserving the husband/wife team model that had proved so successful. Pat and Brenda gave up two successful careers to take SynAudCon forward.

And what an adventure it has been! Pat has taken his engineering background, his love and knack for technology, his common sense and practical nature, and his unique gift for teaching and combined them to produce SynAudCon training. Brenda has combined her desire to make a difference in other people’s lives, and her hard work ethic and organizational skills to run the company with integrity. Twenty-five years later they have thousands of grads and have traveled most of the world giving the training.

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