SynAudCon Seminars taught regularly in Australia/NZ

SynAudCon is bringing their in-person seminars to Australia and New Zealand under a new arrangement with local AV training provider Technication.  Acting as SynAudCon’s local agent, Matt Vance from Technication will deliver the seminars, commencing April 2016.


Matt Vance

The first to be offered will be the 2-day Core Principles of Audio seminar, covering the essential theory of audio and focusing on what a practitioner needs to know to effectively deploy and operate a sound system.

“SynAudCon is extremely pleased to be working with Matthew Vance at Technication. We have enjoyed watching his progress with Technication and are confident that he will represent SynAudCon well.  We are absolutely delighted that SynAudCon’s “Core Principles of Audio” seminar will be taught regularly in Australia and New Zealand.” Pat and Brenda Brown – SynAudCon

Independent education for audio professionals has been difficult to come by in Australia and New Zealand, and it has always been a challenge to bring SynAudCon seminars all the way from the US. Despite the distance, SynAudCon is known in Australia and New Zealand for providing comprehensive and relevant audio education, so working with a local business that is also passionate about education is a natural fit.

“Attending a SynAudCon seminar in 2013 was a lightbulb moment – allowing me to see first-hand how complex audio concepts can be made understandable in an easily accessible way. Technication has given me the perfect vehicle to bring their unique approach to Australia and New Zealand, and I’m excited to be able to offer SynAudCon’s renowned quality, independent audio training to my peers in our local industry.” Matt Vance – Technication

The “Core Principles of Audio” seminar is approved for 16 Infocomm CTS Renewal Units, and will be held in most Australian and New Zealand capital cities from April 2016.

Here’s the dates of the first three seminars.

  • May 3-4, 2016 – Melbourne, VIC
  • May 10-11, 2016 – Sydney, NSW
  • May 17-18, 2016 – Auckland, NZ

SynAudCon Takes Their Audio Training Abroad

Pat and I are enjoying taking our training outside of US borders. In 2015, we have given training in China (twice), Brazil, Singapore and Thailand. We are very thankful to the below companies for making this possible. It takes the cooperation of a lot of people. Needless to say, it has been a very interesting and rewarding experience.

The total attendance between of the five seminars was 560. The attendees were very motivated learners. They welcomed us graciously and they were grateful for the training. We received several requests to return in 2016.

Enjoy the class photos of each seminar.

366C8183 - Version 2

Sound System Design – March 18-20, 2015 Shenzhen China


Line Array Theory and Deployment - May 25-26, 2015 AES Brazil

Line Array Theory and Deployment – May 25-26, 2015 AES Brazil

Principles of Sound System Design - August 20-21, 2015 Singapore

Principles of Sound System Design – August 20-21, 2015 Singapore

Sound System Design - Aug. 24-26, 2015 Bangkok Thailand

Sound System Design – Aug. 24-26, 2015 Bangkok Thailand

OptEQ - August 31-Sept 1, 2015   Shenzhen China

OptEQ – August 31-Sept 1, 2015 Shenzhen China


SynAudCon Ice Cream Social Was a Big Hit

A brief overview of SynAudCon Ice Cream Social.

“Standing room only” is how I would describe the SynAudCon Ice Cream social. Pat and I were so grateful to see such a nice response.

We would like to thank everyone for attending. It was a very special evening.

I received this thank you note from Phil Cartier. I think he summed the evening up quite nicely.

“Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening at InfoComm. As always, the conversation was stimulating and seeing the old friends and the new list-serve posters was great fun.”

I would like to share some photos that were taken at the event. (more…)


SynAudCon’s Ice Cream Social at InfoComm

SynAudCon will have an Ice Cream Social at InfoComm.

  • Date: Wednesday, June 17th
  • Time: 5 – 7 pm
  • Location: Upstairs at the Convention Center in classroom W312A

Stop in to enjoy an Ice Cream Sundae and to say hello to everyone.

Please RSVP to Brenda at by June 8th.

We hope to see you there.

Pat and Brenda Brown


Audio Veterans Shared at a SynAudCon Seminar

On March 9-11, 2015, forty-two AV practitioners attended the Sound System Design seminar in Atlanta, GA. The first day of the seminar was spent on measuring and interpreting the room impulse response – RIR. Day 2 is spent on electro-acoustics, primarily loudspeaker directivity and coverage, along with amplifier-sizing. Day 3 “puts it all together” and demonstrates the efficient use of computer modeling for designing systems with high speech intelligibility and music clarity.

IMG_0016Atlanta is city filled with audio veterans. On the first night of the seminar, SynAudCon provided dinner for the seminar attendees and invited several of the local audio giants to share with the group. The guests included Dr. Eugene Patronis, Bill Thrasher Sr., Wayne Lee, Chris Hamlin, and several from Danley Sound Labs. (more…)


SynAudCon Presents in Shenzhen China

In March 2015, eighty sound system designers came together in Shenzhen China to take SynAudCon’s 3-day Sound System Design seminar. The seminar was hosted by EZPro International, a distributor for Community Professional, EAW, Mackie, Symetrix and 15 others brands.

Pat Brown and Tao Zhang

Pat Brown and Tao Zhang

Tao Zhang, VP of EZPro International, approached us to present in China a few months ago. Tao lived in the United States for several years. During that time worked for Community Professional and  attended several of our seminars. In 2013, Tao moved back to China. He soon became aware of the their need for audio education. (more…)


OptEQ – Optimized System Tuning

by Kent Margraves

OptEQ – System tuning and equalization in a logical, accurate and repeatable process…

OptEQ Class Photo

Attendees of the OptEQ workshop at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, with instructors (left to right) Pat Brown, John Murray and Deward Timothy up front.

AS THE NAME IMPLIES, “OptEQ”is an optimized sound system tuning process developed by SynAudCon (Synergetic Audio Concepts), and it was presented to an audience of more than 100 consultants, contractors and end users over the course of two days in early January at the American Airlines Training Center in Ft. Worth. I was fortunate to be one of those attendees.

As usual, the workshop was brilliantly prepared, hosted, and presented. Pat and Brenda Brown of SynAudCon are simply the best in the pro audio business at delivering exceptional education and training in both audio theory and practical application. The course manual, loaded with relevant information,analogies, and useful graphics, is worth the cost of the workshop alone. (more…)


Seminar Report: SynAudCon’s Making Wireless Work Training Event

by Curt Taipale, Taipale Media

Curt reviews SynAudCon’s Making Wireless Work Seminar

Curt Taipale, Taipale Media

Curt Taipale, Taipale Media

I’ve just returned from attending the latest special topic seminar hosted by Pat & Brenda Brown from SynAudCon called “Making Wireless Work”, and wanted to share my experiences with you.

What an honor it was to sit under the teaching of industry veterans James Stoffo, Tim Vear and Karl Winkler. In just those two days I was both comforted to learn that much of what I thought I knew on the topic of wireless audio systems was in fact correct, and oddly encouraged to discover just how many things I didn’t know about this topic.

If you’re like me, you have invested a significant part of your career working with wireless microphones and IEM systems. The tendency is to design such systems on autopilot, doing it a certain way because it worked the last time, but never truly understanding why it worked. (more…)


Neutrik USA hosts SynAudCon Seminar

In September 2014, Neutrik USA host the SynAudCon’s “Sound Reinforcement for Technicians” seminar.


Werner Bachmann, Pete Milbery, Brenda & Pat Brown

A couple of years ago at InfoComm, Pete Milbery and Mark Boyadjian told us that their new Charlotte headquarters had a training center and invited SynAudCon to use it.  This year when we decided to go to Charlotte for a seminar, Neutrik was on the top of the list.

It was a wonderful experience.  Neutrik USA headquarters is a beautiful facility with a great training center.  They welcomed us and the attendees graciously and Neutrik staff was extremely helpful.  We even had a visit from Werner Bachmann, Neutrik’s CEO, who was visiting from Neutrik AG in Liechtenstein.

A special thank you to Neutrik USA. Their warm welcome and beautiful facility provided an excellent atmosphere for learning and synergy.  I would also like to thank the attendees for their synergetic spirit.  It was a very enjoyable week for all of us.







SynAudCon Stays Ahead Of The Curve


SynAudCon's New LogoGreenville, IN (September 2014) — SynAudCon, the industry-leading web-based and in-person training source for audio education, takes pride in staying ahead of the learning curve.

Since its creation by Don and Carolyn Davis in 1973, through the transition to current owners Pat and Brenda Brown in 1996 and the roll-out of the online courses in 2010, the organization has been a constant educational resource for the professional audio industry.

In keeping with their “one-step-ahead” philosophy, the Browns have changed their website URL to, which has also been incorporated into the SynAudCon logo.

“We felt that better describes what SynAudCon offers the industry,” explains Brenda Brown. “We want to make sure that when someone sees the SynAudCon logo, there is no question about what the company does.”
“Our goal is to reach those new to the industry as well as the veterans that are familiar with our work,” adds Brown.

SynAudCon’s web-based courses keep complex topics simple through continuous animations, demonstrations and analogies which help reduce the learning curve. The in-person training is an immersive 2-3 day experience that offers hands-on learning opportunities to participants.

For more information about SynAudCon training opportunities visit the website at

New Logo Attached or download at


About SynAudCon

Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) is the leading provider of real-world audio education through web-based training and in-person seminars and workshops offered worldwide. For more than 4 decades, SynAudCon has been devoted to providing practical, in-depth training on the principles of audio and acoustics.


SynAudCon Has a New Website URL and Logo

by Brenda Brown

Big News!!!    SynAudCon has a new logo and website URL.

Our new URL is

We updated our logo to include the new URL.

SynAudCon's New LogoWe are very excited about this change.

We feel the new URL is easier to remember and it gives a better description of what we do – Professional Sound Training.

Thank you for updating your records.*

Brenda Brown

*All inquiries going to will be redirected to





Learn To Optimize Sound Systems With SynAudCon In-Person Training

For Immediate Release

Greenville, IN (August 2014) – SynAudCon has announced that registration for their 3-day Sound Reinforcement for Technicians (SRT) seminar, held in Dallas, TX on October 6-8, is now open.

Recent attendees have found the seminar to be extremely helpful. Tim Koborie, SoundCom Systems, explains, “I am a visual learner. The seminar used graphics and good analogies to explain the concepts.” (more…)


SynAudCon’s Ice Cream Social at InfoComm 2014

by Brenda Brown

This year at InfoComm, SynAudCon hosted an Ice Cream Social for it’s members. Many stopped by to say hello to old friends and to meet new friends.

The Sundae Bar was a hit. We had many requests to do it again next year.

Pat and I would personally like to thank everyone who came. Each person’s presence made it that much better. We truly enjoyed seeing everyone.

It’s YOU that makes events like this so special. Thank you again for coming.

The best way to capture the evening is through photos. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

IceCreamSocial_Info14_12 IceCreamSocial_Info14_9

IceCreamSocial_Info14_3 (more…)


SynAudCon Member Reception at InfoComm

SynAudCon will have a reception for the SynAudCon members at the Las Vegas Hotel. Stop by to enjoy an Ice Cream Sundae and say hello to everyone. Here’s the details.

  • Date: Wednesday, June 18th
  • Time: 7:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Place: Las Vegas Hotel in the Crown Room

Please RSVP to Brenda at by June 9th.

We hope to see you there.

Pat and Brenda Brown


Education, is it really worth my time and money?

by Brenda Brown

Over the years, I have spoken to hundreds of audio practitioners and business owners during our 3-day seminars.  Following are a few observations regarding education. Most of these are common sense.  Sometimes a reminder is needed, especially for that person who is considering more education for themselves or those within their company.



Brenda’s New-Year Thoughts.

by Brenda Brown

Let’s welcome 2014 with a cheerful, thankful and hopeful spirit: inspired, guided and made stronger by the lessons learned in 2013.  Life is best if we look forward rather than looking behind. Let’s choose to love, be happy, kind and make the most of the upcoming year.

I couldn't resist showing off our new little grandson - Charles Patrick.

I couldn’t resist showing off our new little grandson – Charles Patrick.

Pat and I completed our 17th year with SynAudCon. Even after all these years, we are grateful to Don and Carolyn Davis for this opportunity to offer audio education. Our sponsors and members are the backbone of SynAudCon and they enable us to reach people and do things that would otherwise be impossible. (more…)


SynAudCon Teaches in Singapore

SynAudCon had the wonderful opportunity to present a 2-day seminar called “Core Principles of Audio” in Singapore on July 16-17, 2013. The seminar was held in conjunction with Palme Asia at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

Our hotel in Singapore

Our hotel in Singapore

It was our first trip to Singapore and it left an impression on us. We stayed at the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We had a few hours to enjoy the infinity pool at the Sky Park as we started each day with breakfast overlooking the beautiful city lights.

The seminar sold out within 2 weeks of the announcement with an attendance of 54. The attendees came with an enthusiastic spirit to learn.

We were graciously welcomed by everyone and were humbled by the number of people who personally thanked us for coming to Singapore.

A special thank you to Entertainment Technology Asia who arranged the seminar and Harman Asia and  MAHAJAK SKM for their sponsorship of the seminar. It was a short trip but an extremely memorable one.

Please enjoy the photos of the event and our stay in Singapore.

Entertainment Technology Asia staff with Pat and Brenda

Preview Entertainment Technology Asia staff with Pat and Brenda


Class Photo


Pat enjoyed answering questions during breaks.


Great food to enjoy during breaks.




SynAudCon’s Members Enjoyed Getting Together at InfoComm.

by Brenda Brown

This year at InfoComm, SynAudCon hosted a hospitality room for it’s members. Many stopped by to say hello to old friends and to meet new friends.

Pat and I would personally like to thank everyone who came.  Each person’s presence made it that much better. We truly enjoyed seeing everyone. (more…)


Sound System Engineering 4th Edition Now Available

The 4th edition of Sound System Engineering by Don Davis*, Eugene Patronis, Jr.**, and Pat Brown***, offers a unique opportunity to put three mentors on your bookshelf. What is shared in the 4th edition took the authors a collective 150 years of experience, study and research.

Long considered one of the key books on the well-informed audio engineer’s shelf, Sound System Engineering provides an accurate, complete, and concise tool for all those involved in designing, implementing, and testing sound reinforcement systems. This new fourth edition includes eight new chapters leading the reader through both cutting-edge topics—e.g., IBM’s proposed thought-controlled sound system—and solid basics, such as loudspeaker specifications, wave equations, and digital audio.

The 4th edition relates personal recollections of the work done by Bell Telephone Laboratories during the 1930s up to the current attempt to control audio systems with the mind. This not only gives you all the clues necessary to your own individual search of the past, but the starting point for creative work in the present century.

Topics covered include:

  • Psycho-acoustics and how the brain processes sound
  • Digital theory
  • Mathematics for audio systems
  • Using the decibel
  • Interfacing electrical and acoustical systems
  • Audio and acoustic measurements
  • Large room and small room acoustics
  • Designing for acoustic gain
  • Designing for speech intelligibility
  • Wave equations
  • Microphones
  • Loudspeakers, loudspeaker arrays, and loudspeaker directivity
  • Power ratings for amplifiers and loudspeakers
  • Computer-aided system design
  • Signal delay, signal synchronization, and signal processing
  • Sound system equalization

Packed with numerous illustrations and useful appendices, this is a concentrated capsule of industry standards and knowledge that spans the complete range of sound systems, from the simplest all-analog paging systems to the largest multi-purpose digital systems.

Sound System Engineer #4 edition can be purchased on Amazon for $90.72

*Don Davis and his wife Carolyn founded Synergetic Audio Concepts in 1972. Don and Carolyn both Fellows of the Audio Engineering Society. Don is a senior member of the IEEE and gold member of the Acoustical Society of America. Don and Carolyn received dual lifetime achievement awards from NSCA, the Adele De Berri Pioneers of the AV award from InfoComm International, and the USITT Harold Burris-Meyer Distinguished Career in Sound Design Award.  Both Don and Carolyn were recipients of Indiana’s highest citizen award from the Governor when they were made Sagamore of the Wabash for their contributions to education.

** Eugene Patronis, Jr. taught in the School of Physics of the Georgia Institute of Technology for over fifty years.  Throughout his tenure he participated in academic research and industrial consulting in the fields of experimental nuclear physics, acoustics, and electronics. He is the author of several patents in audio related topics.

***Pat Brown is the president of Synergetic Audio Concepts Inc. and of Electro-acoustics Testing Company, Inc. both of Greenville Indiana. He teaches audio engineering seminars world-wide, and develops web-based audio training programs. His background as a musician, sound contractor, and electronics technicians and consultant has forged his practical approach to solving audio and acoustic problems.


SynAudCon Rolls Out New Workstations For Sound Reinforcement For Technicians Training

Greenville, IN – March, 2013 – SynAudCon is pleased to announce new workstations for the “Sound Reinforcement For Technicians” seminar.

New IPod-based Instrumentation Workstations

The 3-day multimedia seminar has upgraded the workstations to include an iPod TouchTM controlling an audio instrumentation interface.

Via a custom signal distribution system, attendees are able to measure

  • voltage,
  • impedance,
  • polarity,
  • SPL and

with the new equipment. The course instructs attendees on what these measurements mean and how to use them to ensure that the system is performing optimally.

“With the advances of technology, it is now possible to get professional and reliable readings using instrumentation that is not that expensive and can almost fit in your pocket,” explains Pat Brown, SynAudCon president. “With that type of accessibility it is important that the user understand how to interpret the information and adjust the system accordingly. That is what we cover during the “hands on” portion of the seminar.”

The new workstations feature an iPod TouchTM running a professional audio test and measurement app controlling an audio interface for iOS that includes a phantom powered mic input, balanced line input and output, and internal battery. A measurement microphone completes the package.

The Sound Reinforcement For Technicians seminar walks attendees through the process of troubleshooting a sound reinforcement system. The extensive training covers a number of topics including system gain structure, grounding and shielding, amplifier selection and system tuning.

There are currently three seminars on the schedule for 2013.

  • Toronto ON on April 8-10,
  • Infocomm at Orlando FL on June 9-11
  • Burbank CA on Oct. 28-30.

Registration is available online at under “In-Person Training.”


Pat Brown receives the Peter Barnett Award 2012

Peter Mapp presented the award to Pat at the ECS Speech Intelligbility Workshop. The immediate response from the crowd was a heartfelt standing ovation that lasted longer than the modest educator cared for-but the audience clearly and intelligibly wanted to show its appreciation for what Pat and Brenda Brown have done to extend the legacy of SynAudCon and its founders Don and Carolyn Davis.

Presentation Speech given by Institute of Acoustics

It gives me great pleasure as a representative of the Institute of Acoustics Electro-acoustics Group to be able to honour Pat Brown for his ongoing remarkable contributions to the welfare of Reproduced Sound.

Pat Brown’s contribution to electro-acoustics is measured by his gut level and study-enhanced understanding of audio and his remarkable teaching skills.  He has an almost unmatchable ability to present highly technical information in a form in which the highly knowledgeable learn something and don’t complain about being talked down to, and where at the same time, those with less experience learn even more.  And these two types of student learn together in the same room, sharing their experiences and gaining respect for each other’s roles in the delivery of audio excellence. (more…)


Peter D’Antonio Inducted into the TECnology Hall of Fame

SynAudCon feels honor to be mentioned in Peter’s acceptance speech. Don Davis reflects on one of Peter’s early papers.

Peter D’Antonio is an interesting combination of artist and scientist – music and mathematics. Peter gave a paper at an AES Convention in the early 80s in Nashville, TN. Carolyn and I were standing in the hall after Peter finished his paper – which was very complex.  There was an editor of an audio magazine walking out of Peter’s paper, who made the comment – “what a waste.  There aren’t 2 people in there that understood what he was talking about,” to which Carolyn said, “maybe, but those two people will go forward with that information and change the industry.” And so it happened.  The first installation of Peter’s QRDs was in the Oak Ridge Boys recording studio in Nashville by Robert Todrank, also of Nashville.  dd

By Peter D’Antonio CEO/President of RPG, Inc.

Peter Dantonio giving acceptance speech.

I would like to thank the TEC Foundation and the TECnology Hall of Fame selection committee. It is a profound honor to be inducted into the TECnology Hall of Fame and I am sincerely grateful. (more…)


SynAudCon Clarifies Intelligibility at ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop

I had plans to write up an overview of the ECS Speech Intelligibility workshop.  Then I read Kirsten Nelson’s write up in Systems Contractors News.  I knew I couldn’t top that so I asked her permission to put it on our website.   Thank you Kirsten for an excellent article. Brenda Brown

by Kirsten Nelson  Editor for Systems Contractor News

The scene was a bit surreal at first: A completely empty airport terminal right after the holiday season. Only instead of flight delay announcements, there was a strange washing-machine-like sound permeating the atmosphere, and a crowd of silent people each raising an iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, or black box in the air.

This dream sequence was brought to you by SynAudCon, which hosted its Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) Speech Intelligibility Workshop January 3-5 at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Dallas, TX. The echoing and reverberant airport scene was made possible by an entirely vacant replica of Chicago’s O’Hare airport built within the confines of the facility.

(L to R) Wayne Moore, Peter Mapp, Sander van Wijngaarden, Brenda and Pat Brown, John Murray

American Airlines’ training calendar was dark the first week of the new year, so a swarm of audio experts flew in from around the country to learn more about ECS, NFPA 72, STI, and other acronyms. The reason for the confluence is that the new fire code, NFPA-72, stipulates in Chapter 24 that Fire EVACS and MNS systems must produce “intelligible” announcements not just audible annunciation.

It doesn’t take another acronym, the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), to tell you that “audible” does not necessarily equate with “intelligible.” While an SPL meter may detect no noticeable difference in levels across a venue, measurements of the same audio signal may fluctuate wildly on the Speech Transmission Index (STI).

Those variables and a thirst for more knowledge brought by the universally revered SynAudCon team led by Pat and Brenda Brown were what attracted 131 eager attendees to the ECS workshop. I am not exaggerating when I say that the top levels of audio system design and product manufacturing were present for this event. One glance around the packed auditorium revealed a stunning number of famous faces with a striking pedigree. A survey of all attendees found that they each averaged 25.66 years of audio industry experience.

Class Photo

If you’ve attended a SynAudCon event, you know how the feelings of camaraderie meld with an eagerness to learn as much as possible will make a 14-hour day feel like a vacation. But the subject matter at hand was definitely intense. The measurement of STI and STIPA (the PA stands for what you think it does) is “more a science than an art,” observed Pat Brown. “Most people came into audio from a music standpoint, and if they do music systems, that’s a good entry point for speech intelligibility because they have been listening to systems.”

But they need to learn the fundamentals of acoustics before they can fully make the leap into intelligibility, which Pat feels is essential for the longevity of any sound business. “The future of pro audio is intelligibility, because you can’t buy that at Costco,” he asserted.

Seconding that notion was fellow SynAudCon trainer John Murray of Optimum System Solutions: “This is the biggest opportunity since line arrays,” because the fire alarm people are going to discover that it’s not in their expertise”, he explained, adding that over the next decade, the fire code will shift to include stricter requirements regarding intelligibility. “So people who get in on it now will benefit the most.”

“This is life safety,” he elaborated. “It’s not entertainment, it’s not PA. There are a lot more controlling figures in this field. So it’s whoever the AHJ gets to know first, that’s who they’re going to work with. The same is true with architects.”

Between sessions on codes and standards, designing for speech intelligibility, and simulation techniques, coffee breaks in the adjacent simulated airport terminal offered hands-on workshops with SynAudCon-provided iOS devices or any handheld solution brought by attendees. Measurement mics were everywhere, and several sound systems were tested and measured over the three-day event utilizing apps from Embedded Acoustics and Studio Six Digital.
At the front of the crowd was Per Forsberg, president of Audio Architects in Chippewa Falls, WI. He was one of several attendees who were also at the first SynAudCon intelligibility workshop in 1986. “It was a seminal moment in our industry,” Forsberg recalled. “It was the beginning of the quest to correlate the subjective with empirical,” he noted, “on how to establish which information is useful and which is detrimental” with regard to intelligibility. “One hundred people came out of that workshop with calibrated ears. It will be fun to see what comes out of this event.”

There’s still some work to be done. Today’s specs require a certain STIPA score, but it can be difficult to consistently measure and prove that a system reaches that level of transmission quality. That’s where audio expertise comes in, and that may mean job security for those in our industry.

As more in the audio industry become familiar with STI measurement, the data and techniques are being employed in system design and other applications. “You can use STIPA for a variety of applications, not just voice alarm work,” said SynAudCon trainer Peter Mapp of Peter Mapp Associates, who outlined applications in transportation tunnels, cathedrals, concert halls, airport terminals.

In addition to his teaching duties, Mapp also served as representative for the Institute of Acoustics, which presented Pat Brown with the 2012 Peter Barnet Award. When Mapp handed the trophy and plaque to Pat, the immediate response from the crowd was a heartfelt standing ovation that lasted longer than the modest educator cared for-but the audience clearly and intelligibly wanted to show its appreciation for what Pat and Brenda Brown have done to extend the legacy of SynAudCon and its founders Don and Carolyn Davis.

It doesn’t take a measurement mic to gauge the resounding legacy of all of these teachers and trainers. But here’s hoping the sound of new business will be music to attendees’ ears.

More photos to enjoy.

Setting up for the demonstrations for the event.

Presenter - John Murray

Presenter - Wayne Moore

Presenter - Sander van Wijngaarden, PhD

Presenter - Peter Mapp

Presenter - Pat Brown

The 30 minute breaks were called "Active Breaks". Demonstrations took place during this time.

Ariel view of the breaks.

Mealtime provided great networking opportunities. The evening meals were generously sponsored by Listen Technologies, Community Loudspeakers, IED Audio and Atlas Sound.

Class clown, Blair McNair, trying to measure the STIPA with our listening receiver.

Twenty different types of loudspeaker devices/systems were demonstated during the breaks.

Nightly presentation from Tom Tyson and Bruce Olson

ECS Audio Interface Panel Discussion

A few laughs kept the workshop fun and motivating.


A Reflection on 2012

Hello SynAudCon Members,

Another year will soon come to a close. What a great time to reflect and to be thankful.

We are thankful to have the opportunity to work in the audio industry. We feel like it’s the path that we are supposed to be on during this phase of our lives. We are continuing seeking ways to better serve you.

Thank you for choosing our training, being part of the “SynAudCon Community” and for supporting our events. YOU are the reason we are in business and the reason we can do many of the things that we do.

I would like to thank “The He(a)rd” for another year of sharing  and giving freely of your knowledge.

I love this quote

The difference between a helping hand and an outstretched palm is a twist of the wrist. ~Laurence Leamer, King of the Night

Thank you He(a)rd for being the helping hand.

With the ECS Speech Intelligibility workshop on January 3-5, we are starting 2013 out with a bang. We will enjoy seeing many of our members and learning from the impressive staff.

Thanks to the advances in technology, SynAudCon will soon announce some changes for 2013 – changes that will grab your attention, and allow us to better serve you.

We would like to wish you a very prosperous 2013.


Brenda Brown


Emergency Communiciation Systems (ECS) Speech Intelligibility Workshop Update

by Pat Brown

Last month we announced the Emergency Communication System Speech Intelligibility Workshop (ECSSIW) to be held in January 2013. Here’s an update on how the event is shaping up.

– We’ve just returned from a site visit to the American Airlines Training and Conference Center. Brenda met with the staff to work out logistical details. I sized up the AV capabilities in the auditorium, and built a Sketchup model of the atrium – the airport terminal mockup where the demos will be held. Here are some picts of the terminal.

– We are renting a facility to perform an STI study/comparison of various loudspeaker types used for emergency communication systems. The devices will include:

  • Passive line arrays of various lengths
  • Voice-range horn loudspeaker(s)
  • Full-range horn-loaded loudspeaker
  • Modular line array system
  • Wall-mount fire alarm strobe(s)
  • Conventional “ceiling” loudspeaker(s)

The room is large (200 ft x 100 ft x 25 ft). It is a live space (RT = 2.7 sec mid-band) and has a very noisy HVAC system. In this study, I will measure the Speech Transmission Index (STI) over a grid of test positions on the floor plane. The STI measurement instruments will include:

  • NTI-XL2 with STI measurement add-on
  • iPad using iAudioInterface and iTestMic with STI app
  • Various iPhone STI apps
  • PC-based measurement system (from room impulse response) noise-free
  • PC-based measurement system with noise measured separately and added as a post-process

I’ll also collect a room impulse response at each test position for convolution. This will allow the intelligibility to be assessed by listening. Workshop attendees will be able to listen to each test position through our in-ear playback system. The intent of this study is to answer the following questions:

  • Which types of loudspeakers are most intelligible in difficult spaces?
  • Do all STI meters produce the same measurement results under the same conditions?
  • Can a hand-held meter be as accurate as a PC-based measurement system?
  • Do the STI results agree with subjective listening evaluation?

From this study, we will formalize the live demos that will be presented during the workshop.

The Sketchup model will be imported into several room modeling programs (Bose Modeler, CATT-A, EASE, Odeon) for prediction of the STI of the demo systems used in the workshop. The results will be compared to measured data to assess the correlation between predicted and measured system performance.

We and the workshop staff are working hard to make this the finest speech intelligibility training event ever held. Space is limited, so don’t wait too long to sign up.    pb


Photos of Upcoming Intelligibility Workshop Venue

Here are some pix of the mock airport terminal that will be part of the Emergency Communication System Speech Intelligibility Workshop.


SynAudCon’s Approach to Audio Training

Watch this 2-minute video to see SynAudCon’s approach to audio training.


SynAudCon ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop

by John Murray

It is estimated that the Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) market, including Fire Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications Systems (Fire EVACS) and Mass Notifications Systems (MNS), will grow to a 5 billion-dollar business by 2016. Historically, this type of business was strictly controlled by the fire-alarm/security industry.

However, in 2010 the new fire code, NFPA-72, Chapter 24 now requires Fire EVACS and MNS systems to produce intelligible announcements not just audible annunciation.  And this new version of the code is being adopted faster than any version in the history of the NFPA.

The bulk of this business will be going to companies

  • that understand this new code
  • understand what the Speech Transmission Index (STI) is
  • how to measure it
  • how to design sound systems that will produce good STI results.

These companies will be a mix of FA/S contractors that hire employees with the STI skills, A/V integrators that already do FA/S systems, A/V integrators that add FA/S departments, and some joint projects involving both FA/S and A/V contractors working together.

If you, or your company want to be part of the biggest opportunity in audio contracting in decades, you need to make sure your skill set includes a strong background in both the FA code and in designing and measuring sound systems with good STI results.

This will be the focus of the SynAudCon ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop. Be there or be left behind.

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Great Tours at SynAudCon Seminars

A great perk of attending a SynAudCon seminar is the AV technical tour that is often associated with the class.  It’s usually the tour that sets that class apart from others.

With our last two seminars, we had two amazing tours. Both left a lasting impression on us.

Salt Lake City Seminar

We visited the LDS Conference Center which was completed in the year 2000. This is a 21,000 seat auditorium. All seats in the audience have an unobstructed view of the pulpit because the balcony is held up by radial trusses. Behind the podium is a 7667 pipe and 130-rank Schoenstein pipe organ. They have 58 translation booths and have translated in 92 languages. It is broadcast world-wide.  Much of the technology in this facility was especially designed just for them.

A space of this size is extremely challenging. If was interesting to hear how they resolved the various problems encountered.  The acoustics of this facility are good for a room of this type, complimenting the organ and leaving plenty of challenges for the designer of the audio system.  The system worked well although it is slated for an upgrade in 2013.

The LDS Conference Center

The Kennedy Center

Washington DC Seminar

We had the privilege of visiting the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, often referred to as the “Kennedy Center.”   The Kennedy Center is located on the Potomac River near the US Capitol and many of the famous national monuments and museums. It is the busiest performing arts facility in the United States and annually hosts approximately 2000 performances for audiences totaling nearly two million.

The Kennedy Center has a total of eight performance venues. The three main theaters are the Concert Hall, Opera House and the Eisenhower Theater.  Each space had “outstanding acoustics” which makes things easier for the AV designers.  While the aesthetics were quite beautiful, the powers-that-be allowed the best sound system for the space. They understand the importance of “the experience.”

SynAudCon is grateful for those who made the tours of these world-class facilities possible.

Concert Hall at the Kennedy Center


SynAudCon Welcomes Music Group As New Sponsor

September 2012 – Greenville, Indiana, USA – SynAudCon is pleased to announce that Music Group has joined the organization’s sponsorship program.

The Music Group is one of the world’s largest holding companies for pro audio and music products brands. As the corporate parent of Midas, Klark-Teknik, TurboSound, and Behringer, the Music Group owns and manages some of the finest brands in the pro audio industry.

“SynAudCon is hands down the most comprehensive audio training solution in the world,” explains Steven Young VP, Installed Sound Division for the Music Group states. “We feel support of SynAudCon is a great investment for our collective future.”

The Music Group products can be found in professional and project recording studios, video and broadcast suites, post-production facilities, sound reinforcement applications including houses of worship, stadiums, nightclubs, retail locations and on major musical concert tours.

Behringer recently debuted their new Eurocom installed sound products which include a comprehensive line up of commercial grade mixer amplifiers, power amplifiers, ceiling and surface mount loudspeakers that deliver a rich feature set for commercial installers.

Music-Group will use SynAudCon’s web-based training for their internal tech support staff with the intention of elevating their skill level in the realm of distributed audio systems.

“We are pleased to welcome Music Group as a SynAudCon Sponsor,” concludes Pat Brown, president of SynAudCon. “Sponsorship demonstrates a company’s commitment to training and technical excellence. We look forward to collaborating with Music Group.”


Duran Audio Joins SynAudCon Sponsorship Program

September 2012 – Greenville, Indiana, USA – SynAudCon is pleased to announce that Duran Audio has joined the organization’s sponsorship program.

Duran Audio designs and manufactures the AXYS brand, conceived as not only a range of professional audio products but also as a series of innovative solutions to real-life electro acoustical problems, such as poor intelligibility in voice evacuation system and unpleasant distortion in music reproduction.

“SynAudCon has consistently demonstrated that they are the number one provider of professional audio education,” explains Gerrit Duran, owner and founder of Duran Audio. “By supporting their organization we are supporting our internal education efforts while at the same time making a commitment to the education of the professional audio industry.”

The Duran Audio research and development team focus on electro-acoustic/loudspeaker design, digital and analog electronic design, digital signal processing and software development. They have in turn utilizes these core competencies to deliver effective and advance audio delivery solution to the industry.

“We are very excited to have Duran Audio join our growing list of sponsors,” notes Pat Brown, president of SynAudCon. “Duran Audio has made a commitment to furthering pro audio education efforts across the industry. We appreciate their backing and look forward to working with them.”


SynAudCon Announces ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop

SynAudCon will present the Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) Speech Intelligibility Workshop this coming January 3-5 (2013) at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Dallas, TX.

With the new NFPA-72 and UL2572 codes that are associated with Emergency Communication Systems, speech intelligibility seems to be on everyone’s mind.

“We have wanted to present a workshop on intelligibility for years,” explains Brenda Brown, SynAudCon co-owner. “It has been almost impossible to find a venue that would demonstrate intelligibility issues, solutions and testing. The American Airlines training center is absolutely perfect.”

The ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop will:

  • Help you design intelligible systems
  • Bring attendees up to speed on the codes
  • Teach the measurement process to determine if a system will meet the codes

The American Airlines Training and Conference Center offers a mock-up of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport terminal, complete with a reverberant field, arch ceilings, large windows—all of the problems that plague large spaces.

SynAudCon has assembled an all-star staff with expertise in system design, intelligibility codes, and STI theory and application, to lead the workshop.

Instructors include Wayne Moore, Principle at Hughes Associates (fire alarm code expert); Sander van Wijngaarden, PhD, Managing Director at Embedded Acoustics (researcher, co-developer of STI-PA); Peter Mapp, President of PMA (acoustical consultant standards committee member); John Murray, President of Optimum System Solutions (sound reinforcement expert, technical trainer); and Pat Brown, President of Synergetic Audio Concepts (audio educator, electro-acoustic testing).

Detailed workshop information and instructions on how to register are available on the SynAudCon website (


Tribute to Neil Muncy

At age of 74, Neil Muncy, an icon in the audio industry, passed on August 10, 2012 after a long illness.

Neil Muncy

The passing of Neil Muncy has been difficult for many in the audio industry.  He contributed so much.

We cannot begin to list his contributions, but he is most known for his work in identifying the cause of hums and buzzes that are often found in sound reinforcement systems. It became known as “The Pin 1 Problem”.  His writings in the June 1995 AES Journal special issue on Grounding and Shielding made him famous worldwide. He was also an equipment designer, a recording guru and and expert on magnetic tape recording. His love for jazz was evidenced by his collection of incredible recordings.

In addition to his technical skills, he was a fantastic teacher – one of the best in the audio industry.

Here’s a couple of common quotes from Neil Muncy that we all love and have repeated many times.

  • “Audio problems are like onions. You peel a layer, you cry a little, and then you peel another one.”
  • “A pin one problem is like letting the fox in the hen house, and giving him a Gold Mastercard.”

We will all miss Neil, and will forever treasure his contributions to our industry.

1997 Grounding & Shielding Workshop. (L to R) Steve Macatee, Bill Whitlock, Neil Muncy, Martin van Dyjk, & Phil Giddings

Here are some comments from the He(a)rd.



SynAudCon presents a seminar in Thailand

Pat and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Fuzion Far East Ltd located in Bangkok Thailand. SynAudCon presented a 2-day seminar called “Pro Audio Principles & Applications.”

We were extremely impressed by the professionalism of Fuzion Far East. From the moment we arrived until the end of the seminar, they got a “first class” rating.

It began with the seminar meeting room. The hotel is owned by Yamaha. Many of the Yamaha’s corporate meetings are held in this room. The entire room (walls and ceiling) was treated with acoustical panels. The AV setup was quite elaborate and it included the latest projection and sound reinforcement technology.

Over 130 people attended the seminar. Every seat was filled and Fuzion had a waiting list. The attendees came with an enthusiastic spirit to learn.

Thailand is known for their good food. The event was complimented by impressive meals so we were able to experience their fine cooking.

It took a team to pull off this event. Below is a picture of us with the owners of Fuzion Far East Ltd. I complimented Tony Oates for a well-planned event. His response to me was in a matter-of-fact way, “This is Fuzion’s way”.

Photos often speak louder than words. Please enjoy the photos of the event and our stay in Thailand.

Fuzion Far East Owners, Tony Oates, Sutat Kohkiat, Varuit Rattapong, Siri Wongkamolchun with Pat and Brenda Brown.

The elaborate AV setup. Note the acoustical panels on the walls and ceiling.

Chakorn (Tom) Kurathong and & Sutat (Pok) Kohkiat translated the presentation.

The meals were DELICIOUS.

Proud SynAudCon Graduates

Tony Oates presenting one of many door prizes.

We had some post seminar fun. We rode an oxen-drawn cart to the rice paddy field.

We couldn't leave Thailand without riding an elephant.


SynAudCon Social at InfoComm

By Brenda Brown

This year at InfoComm, SynAudCon had a hospitality room available for it’s members who participate on SynAudCon’s email discussion group. This group is known as the “He(a)rd.

Nearly 100 people stopped by to say hello to old friends and to meet new friends. As with most SynAudCon functions like this, once again the “synergy” continued in the hallway after the hotel removed the food, drinks and closed down our room. This is true SynAudCon Synergy. (more…)


SynAudCon presented at AES Brazil

By Brenda Brown

Pat and I were very honored to be part of such a prestigious event in Brazil.

AES Brazil is the largest professional audio gathering in Latin America. The event had a considerable growth this year with the exhibits increasing from 53000 sq. ft in 2011 to 80000 sq. ft. Visitation was approximately 7000 during the three days of exhibit and four days of the Technical Program. The event was held at Yellow Pavillion, Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (more…)


SurgeX International Joins Growing List Of SynAudCon Sponsors

April 2012- Greenville, Indiana, USA – SynAudCon is pleased to announce that SurgeX International has joined the organization’s sponsorship program.

SurgeX International was created by the original SurgeX founders after North American distribution of SurgeX products was sold to Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) in 2009. SurgeX International now serves the global marketplace with patented 230V AC power protection, conditioning  and management products.

The SurgeX and SynAudCon relationship began in 1995 when Michael McCook and Andy Benton founded SurgeX, while simultaneously Pat and Brenda Brown became the proud owners of SynAudCon. The SurgeX group attended SynAudCon’s first seminar and brought with them two ‘new technology’ pieces of electronic equipment. Pat immediately recognized the need for that equipment within the audio industry.

Both companies had an exciting vision, however at that time they were also experiencing many of the same trials and tribulations which naturally go along with a new entrepreneurial focus. This created a natural bond and from that day forward they commended each others advancements and accomplishments in the professional AV industry.

SurgeX International’s Michael McCook states: “Education is key for any active individual, integrator or manufacturer in our industry. We know that SynAudCon has always led and continues to lead the way in a fundamental and highly advanced educational role. SurgeX International is proud to support  AV professionals by way of SynAudCon sponsorship”.

Through the years, SurgeX has grown to become a leading manufacturer of AC power protection, conditioning and management. Their products are in almost every professional AV system. SurgeX International is now making unprecedented strides in the global marketplace.

“We are extremely pleased that the owners of SurgeX International have decided to sponsor our efforts,” says Brenda Brown, co-owner of SynAudCon. “We have had a rich history with the company. It is an honor to have that same group of people return to support.”

About SynAudCon
Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) is the leading provider of real world audio education through web-based training and in-person seminars. For more than 4 decades, SynAudCon has been devoted to providing practical, in-depth training on the principles of audio and acoustics. For more information visit:


I owe so much to SynAudCon


Thank you again for letting us be a small part of this SynAudCon. I mean it when I say I owe so much to you and Pat. The Passion, excellence and love you guys pour into every lesson, email and sidebar conversation is what makes SynAudCon the wonderful institution it is. I wish there were words to describe how profound of an impact you two have made on this world. As you are no doubt aware, SynAudCon is about so much more than audio. It is about relationships. It is about pursuing excellence in what one does. Ultimately, it is about the power of synergy. Proverbs 27:17 says “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” You and Pat have created a world where people come together to solve problems and to make each other better. The humility, love and kindness that pervades everything you two touch, has left a profound impact on me and I wanted to say thanks. It may seem hard to fathom how attending a few seminars could do anything more than just educate. But let me tell you it does. You and Pat have inspired me. Being a part of the SynAudCon community has given me so much that I can give away to others. In the ensuing years since we first met, I have had the privilege of working with more churches, manufacturers and television stations then I can count. In every gig I’ve worked, I have actively sought out ways to pass along any idea or principle I felt would be of benefit. Every gig is an opportunity to invest in another. To put it another way, synergy has become a way of life. When I was younger and in search of life mentors, Mike Hedden connected me with you two and this network of geniuses who make up SynAudCon. I witnessed people in this community who have forgotten more about technology than I could ever hope to know. Yet despite having such a wealth of knowledge, you were all so humble, approachable and giving. SynAudCon may have paid the bills, but it has also been something more profound than just a business; it is a reflection of Pat and Brenda. So on behalf of the masses you have impacted over the years let me say “thank you for everything!”

Much of my current team is made up of people I have invested in while they were in high school. Without SynAudCon, I would have had nothing but misinformation to pass along to them. And even more importantly, I would not have known how much of a difference sharing with others could make if it had not been for your example. Many of the guys I’ve been able to pour into what I learned from you and Pat have gone on to form production companies, work for churches or become professional techies. One is even become head of internet security for the US embassy in Germany. I can assure you, anyone who knows me knows the name SynAudCon. I am always trying to send people your way. This is because SynAudCon not only makes us all better technicians, but it also makes us better people.

It was truly humbling to host the official SynAudCon tour. There are countless places that would have been honored to have you come by, but you allowed it to be me and I will be forever in your debt for letting me host the tour. I hope those in attendance found it helpful and I hope I did not talk too much. J I love this stuff and I love SynAudCon, so it is hard not to be pumped anytime those two things converge. It was also incredibly generous of you to allow two of my guys to attend for free. I saw Wade tonight and he was gushing. He said he and Ashley can’t wait to test out what they learned. For example, Wade wants to flip the polarity on some of our speakers around campus, and he wants us to build some of those rapco boxes you used for distributing audio to redesign our band rehearsal spaces. I couldn’t be more proud of him. Wade said that he and Ashley want to sit down with me and dialog about what they learned and talk about some concepts they want to study further. SynAudCon has an uncanny way of inspiring excellence and igniting a passion for learning. Bill thrasher even gave me his card and wants to get together for lunch. I wish I knew how to say thanks for inspiring both myself and my team and for connecting me with new people like Bill whom I can learn from. This letter is my attempt to say how much you two mean to me and I hope you are as encouraged by this letter as I am honored to call you friends. Life can be hard. If you and Pat are like the rest of us, there have no doubt been moments when I am sure it has not felt worth all the effort you two have put into SynAudCon. But take it from someone you have impacted deeply that from where I am standing, it was worth every sleepless night. I have attended many seminars in my life but I have never written a letter like this before, but I couldn’t let these thought go unshared. Do know that I count you both as dear friends and mentors.

I hope to attend another SynAudCon very soon as I have so much I need to learn, and I can think of no better place to grow and find answers. Until then, please let me know if there is anything, I can do for you or anyone in the SynAudCon community. I am always here to serve or help in any way I can.

Always in your debt,
Steve Simmons


A Tribute to Vic Hall

By Don Davis,

Vic Hall, 1919 - 2012

Vic Hall was well known in the audio industry for his very successful sound business in San Diego, California, his work starting the National Sound Contractors Association, NSCA, the Long Beach Grand Prix communication system, and his many unique test instruments have provided low-cost solutions to high-cost problems.

I prefer to think of Vic Hall as one of the greatest of the great generation that survived the Great Depression, won World War II, and returned to found many successful businesses in their lifetime. The picture of a wealthy man standing under an umbrella in the pouring down rain on a San Diego street corner, ringing a Salvation Army bell, personified the kind of man we knew as Vic Hall. (more…)


SynAudCon Welcomes A New Sponsor – SurgeX International

By Brenda Brown

I love to hear stories from our seminar attendees on how they started their business. I find them very intriguing. I thought you may enjoy reading the story behind SurgeX and how it relates to SynAudCon.

Pat and I gave our very first seminar in Fall River, MA (September 1995). We prepared the best we knew how at the time but there was so much we didn’t know. Each registration was huge. With Paul Hanoud’s help, we were extremely thankful to have a wonderful turnout.

There was one company that especially caught our attention. New Frontier Electronics sent four individuals to the class. They brought with them two ‘new technology’ pieces of electronic equipment. Pat immediately recognized the need for that equipment within the audio industry. This company later became known as SurgeX. (more…)


Expand your “Linked In Profile” by Adding SynAudCon Courses.

“Linked In” has become extremely important resource among the professionals. Businesses often use Linked In to check out potential employees and contacts for jobs. It is important that your profile is up-to-date and complete.

A “SynAudCon Graduate group” is now available.

The purpose of this group is to identify yourself as a SynAudCon grad. If you are a SynAudCon grad, improve your profile by joining the “SynAudCon Graduate” group.

Below is a screen capture of how the logo will appear on your profile.

Since SynAudCon has an active and vibrate email discussion group, this group is not set up for discussions.

List your “SynAudCon Courses”.

“Linked In” recently added a new field that will enable you to add the SynAudCon Seminars/Courses that you have taken.

Here’s a step-by-step procedure for adding the courses.

  1. Chick “Profile” at the top of your homepage.
  2. Click “Edit” in the top section of your profile.
  3. Suggested sections including “Courses” will be shown on the right.
  4. Type in the information and click “Save”. The section will then be added to the background box on your profile.

This screen capture shows where I have added the SynAudCon courses that I have taken.

Be sure to add “SynAudCon” and the “year” before each course. For further clarification, include seminar, workshop or web-based training.

You will find your recent courses (late 2010 to present) in your “order history” on your “SynAudCon Profile Page” (Login to our website – you will be directed to your “Profile Page.”).  Below my signature you will find the list of SynAudCon seminars and workshops from 1996 to present.

If you need a list of your courses that you have taken, send me a quick email and I will send you what I have listed on my database.

I hope you will improve your profile by taking advantage of these new features.

Brenda Brown

Current In-Person Seminars

• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Technicians (3-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Digital (3-day seminar)

Current Web-based Training Courses

• SynAudCon Course 50: How Sound Systems Work
• SynAudCon Course 100: Principles of Audio
• SynAudCon Course 110: Transformer Distributive Loudspeaker Systems
• SynAudCon Course 200: Audio Applications-System Optimization and Equalization
• SynAudCon Course 300: Sound Reinforcement for Designers

Past Seminars:

• SynAudCon Core Principles of Audio (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Operators (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Designers (4-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Architectural Acoustics – Measurement and Prediction (3-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound System Optimization (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound System Design (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Hands On Seminar (2-day seminar)

Past Workshops

• 2013 SynAudCon ECS Speech Intelligibility Workshop (3-day workshop)
• 2010 SynAudCon Audio and Acoustics for Conference Systems (3-day workshop)
• 2007 SynAudCon EQ07 (2-day workshop)
• 2007 SynAudCon Hums, Buzzes and Things that go Zap (2-day workshop)
• 2005 SynAudCon Hums, Buzzes and RF (2-day workshop)
• 2002 SynAudCon Loudspeaker Arrays (2-day workshop)
• 2002 SynAudCon Test & Measurement (2-day workshop)
• 2000 SynAudCon DSP (2-day workshop)
• 2000 SynAudCon Digital Audio Networks (2-day workshop)
• 1997 SynAudCon Loudspeakers (3-day workshop)
• 1997 SynAudCon Grounding and Shielding (3-day workshop)

SynAudCon was owned by Don and Carolyn Davis from 1973-1996. I do not have accurate records for this period.


List of SynAudCon’s Training

Current In-Person Seminars

• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Technicians (3-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Digital (3-day seminar)

Current Web-based Training Courses

• SynAudCon Course 50: How Sound Systems Work
• SynAudCon Course 100: Principles of Audio
• SynAudCon Course 110: Transformer Distributive Loudspeaker Systems
• SynAudCon Course 200: Audio Applications

Past Seminars:

• SynAudCon Core Principles of Audio (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Operators (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound Reinforcement for Designers (4-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Architectural Acoustics – Measurement and Prediction (3-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound System Optimization (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Sound System Design (2-day seminar)
• SynAudCon Hands On Seminar (2-day seminar)

Past Workshops

• 2010 SynAudCon Audio and Acoustics for Conference Systems (3-day workshop)
• 2007 SynAudCon EQ07 (2-day workshop)
• 2007 SynAudCon Hums, Buzzes and Things that go Zap (2-day workshop)
• 2005 SynAudCon Hums, Buzzes and RF (2-day workshop)
• 2002 SynAudCon Loudspeaker Arrays (2-day workshop)
• 2002 SynAudCon Test & Measurement (2-day workshop)
• 2000 SynAudCon DSP (2-day workshop)
• 2000 SynAudCon Digital Audio Networks (2-day workshop)
• 1997 SynAudCon Loudspeakers (3-day workshop)
• 1997 SynAudCon Grounding and Shielding (3-day workshop)

SynAudCon was owned by Don and Carolyn Davis from 1973-1996. I do not have accurate records for this period of time.


SynAudCon Announces Upcoming In-Person Training Seminars

Greenville, IN – February, 2012 – Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) has released their in-person seminar schedule for the first half of 2012. SynAudCon is renowned for their real world audio educational offerings through web-based and in-person training offered worldwide.

SynAudCon will offer the three-day “Sound Reinforcement for Technicians” (SRT) in Atlanta, Georgia, from March 19-21 and in Dallas, Texas from April 2-4. SRT includes hands-on exercises which allow attendees to use a tool kit (that includes meters and other items that are needed) to test and troubleshoot systems. The class also goes into detail on how to use modern dual-channel FFT measurement platforms. On day three, SRT demonstrates the setup of a 3-way triamped loudspeaker, including polarity testing, equalization, crossover selection and signal alignment.

“SynAudCon Digital” will be presented at the InfoComm show in Las Vegas from June 9-11. The three-day seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to digital audio, digital signal processing and networking. The seminar staff is a team composed of Pat Brown, Steve Macatee and Bradford Benn. The three of them form a tag-team approach to present SynAudCon Digital in a visually effective way. Together they make learning digital audio fast, friendly and fun. The instructors not only have the theoretical grounding but also have applied these concepts in the field, which allows them share theory and real world experiences with attendees.

SynAudCon Digital topics include the digital audio signal, digital audio formats, data compression, digital signal processing, instrumentation and troubleshooting, digital audio networks, Ethernet and proprietary networks. Day Three is spent constructing a local area network, with each attendee encouraged to bring a notebook PC with a network interface card for the exercises.


Encouraging Words From Outside the US.

In 2010, we released SynAudCon Web-based Training. The training has allowed us to reach a much larger market. Over the last year, our market has expanded internationally and to people we previous could not reach due to the extra expenses associated with travel and in-person training.

Last week, I received 4 very inspiring messages that came from outside the US.

This is a business owner that lives in the Philippines who is having problems with their internet bandwidth:

  • “I have approached all the internet service providers in our province but unfortunately my only solution is to view your main video lessons in Manila which is 6 1/2 hours drive from here. You immediately offered me a refund but I said I won’t because I need the training and will do all means to complete the training and then move on to the next course.”

This person is from Italy (He’s not fluent in English.)

  • I write every single word of each lesson and then I study it……it take me much time….for audio 100 I studied 1 month without losing one day!!!!!! :-)
    Pat and You are GREAT

This gentleman just completed his third course and from Greece.

  • It is an honor continuing my professional development with SynAudCon. I have learned so much. I look forward to your future courses.

This lady is from Australia.

  • I thought this course was well worthwhile. I am a “general” entertainment technician. I come from a lighting background originally, this course really helped me to fill the gaps in my audio knowledge. I wish I had known about it sooner. In fact, I wish my company would offer it as standard training for new-hire technicians (I have had to do this completely off my own back). It would have been incredibly useful to me when I first joined the company over a year ago, and made my transition into the audio world much less confusing! I’m just grateful that now I can take all this knowledge with me to work, and actually start to feel like a genuine audio technician, and not just a lighting girl bumbling her way through!

Through this training, we are finding some very motivated people who are going to great lengths to learn these principles. It’s really exciting!!

Brenda Brown


Brenda Wraps Up 2011

Another year is soon coming to an end.  Pat and I have been at the helm of SynAudCon for 16 years. It has been a wonderful ride.  We are so grateful for the support of our members and sponsors.  We owe our existence to you, and recognize that daily.

Today as I was sitting in the dentist office, I read this quote in a magazine.

Wisdom and knowledge is more precious than rubies, nothing can compare to it.

I remember vividly the change in Pat after he attended the first SynAudCon seminar taught by Don Davis. It was a life-changing event that gave him the passion to learn more about audio and help others better understand audio principles.

While we continue to hold In-Person seminars, our web-based training has allowed us to reach out in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. Audio is not intuitive and myths abound.  The goal of these courses are to shorten your learning curve. With the use of continuous animations, interactive calculators and scenarios, Pat does a  good job at getting the points across. I have heard Pat say more than once “I wish I knew this web-based stuff when I started audio. I could have saved us and our customers a lot of money!”

Pat is working on Course 300 now. This course will cover the principles of sound system design. It will include acoustics, loudspeaker selection and placement, and how to use room modeling programs as a virtual “thinking space” for designing a system.

The training has caught on. Here are some web-based training statistics:

  • Nearly 500 individuals have taken the web-based training courses in 2011.
  • Several large companies have added our training to their training paths within their companies.

SynAudCon at Brazil AES

The in-person training has also kept us quite busy.  In 2011 we had the privilege to teach in Australia, Brazil and had several seminars in the US.

Our goals for 2012 is to continue on with Sound Reinforcement for Technicians and SynAudCon Digital in-person seminars.  The industry loves our workshops and we know it is time for another one.  We are checking out several possibilities.

We are posting a weekly “SynAudCon Audio Tip” on our Facebook wall.  We would like to invite you to “Like SynAudCon” to receive this weekly audio tip.

It is our members that make the email discussion group and forum such a wonderful resource. Our deepest gratitude to you and for your synergetic spirit.  The value is more precious than rubies. Don’t forget about our blogs and four decades of technical articles.

It is our hope that the knowledge you have gained through SynAudCon has made a difference in your life. Above all else, we hope that SynAudCon helps renew your zeal for audio. The day-to-day issues can dim the passion that drew us to this field in the first place.

Once again, I would like to express our gratitude to you.  We feel your support and that is what keeps us excited and pushing forward.


Brenda Brown

A recent family photo. Pat and I are now grandparents. ;-)


The Passing of Phil Clark & Buddy Ward

Phil and Buddy were both regular contributors on the email discussion group. We certainly will miss them. Here are a few words written by the Heard.

Phil Clark

  • By David May
    Some of you Heardians knew Phil Clark, the former owner of my company Diversified Concepts, Inc. which we now call DCi Sound. Phil passed away last evening at 82 years old and went to claim his reward in Heaven. I met Phil in 1977 when he became my boss, then mentor, friend and 5 years later my father-in-law. He was a great teacher- he would never answer a question, instead he would direct you to where you could find the answer. (more…)

SynAudCon Digital: The Indianapolis Convention Center

Pat Brown, Steve Macatee, and Brad Benn

The 3-day SynAudCon Digital Seminar is divided evenly between basic digital theory and Ethernet-based audio networks. Brenda arranges a site visit of a large networked system in the area for each class. This year we had the pleasure of touring the Indianapolis Convention Center. This is a newly renovated system that utilizes CobraNet to provide sound reinforcement, intercom and paging to the facility. It is also linked to the newly constructed Lucas Oil Stadium, which will be host to the 2012 Super Bowl.

Indy Conv Ctr Tour

Mike Cast did a excellent job leading the tour.

The tour was made possible by a number of individuals. Bob Potter is in charge of audio at the convention center. Fairchild Communications was the installing contractor, and Biamp Systems, Inc. and Crown International were the main vendors for the gear. Mike Cast of Fairchild was our tour guide. Jeff Philips of Biamp was present to take questions on the signal processing. Brad Benn, who is one of the course instructors, was also involved in the installation of the system. Between Mike, Jeff and Brad, anyone who asked a technical question got an immediate answer. The 2-hour walking tour included an equipment room, the convention center main floor, and an intercom room. The tour was greatly enhanced by the use of a

Indianapolis Convention Center Exhibition Hall

portable FM listening system provided by Listen Technologies. This made it possible for the entire group to hear Mike at all times, even when only a small group could fit into a control room where he was speaking. I was quite impressed by the clarity and ease-of-use of this system.

On day three of the seminar Steve Macatee and Brad Benn presented the fundamentals of Ethernet-based audio networks to the group back at the hotel. Their presentations came alive since the group had been

Don & Carolyn Davis, Pat Brown

introduced to the terminology during the tour the night before. It was one of those magical times where everything fell into line for a great synergetic experience.

We were honored to have some special guests for the seminar. Don and Carolyn Davis came up from their Farm in southern Indiana. John Royer of the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Indy Motor Speedway was with us for all three days and even provided some excellent donuts one morning.

This group of attendees made full use of the synergy opportunities. Nightly, groups of individuals shared a meal to learn from each other. It was fun, educational and beneficial three days.

SynAudCon Digital Class Photo


SynAudCon Announces New Web-Based Training Course – Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems

SynAudCon Offers New Web-Based Training: “Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems
Web-based course demonstrates how distributed loudspeaker systems work, and how to design and troubleshoot them

Greenville, Indiana, September 2011 — SynAudCon, the industry leading organization in audio education, has announced the debut of a new web-based training course “Course 110: Transformer-Distributed Loudspeaker Systems”.

Some types of audio systems require a power distribution system to drive many loudspeakers from a single amplifier. Often times these are referred to with terms like “constant voltage” and “70 V system” systems. (more…)


Pat & Brenda Brown listed among the twenty to receive the NSCA Movers and Shakers Award

NSCA's Mover & Shaker Award 2011

The National Systems Contractors Association recognized individuals who have had a significant influence on the industry and/or the association during InfoComm 2011. NSCA honored more than 20 recipients of its first Movers & Shakers Awards at InfoComm.

New this year, NSCA recognized individuals who were nominated by their industry peers as up-and-coming leaders, innovators and skilled professionals within the industry. These technicians, marketing professionals, CEOs, and other individuals were acknowledged during the NSCA Member Appreciation Reception, a huge block party on Thursday, June 16, in the NSCA booth. Recipients included:

  • Scot Birdsall, Compview
  • Pat & Brenda Brown, SynAudCon
  • Leo Bull, Haivision
  • Melody Craigmyle, Almo Professional AV
  • Max Curry, Infinity Sound, Ltd.
  • Thomas DePace, Advance Sound Company
  • Matt Emerson, CEAVCO
  • Kourtney Govro, All Systems Designed Solutions, Inc.
  • Alan Geer, Audio Geer
  • Tim Habedank, Parsons Electric, LLC
  • Lynn Harrach, AVI-SPL
  • Don Kreski, Kreski Marketing Consultants, Inc.
  • Michael Kudrak, C&R Audio Visual
  • Dawn Meade, PIVOD Technologies
  • Dan Newman, United Visual, Inc.
  • Jay Paul, AVI-SPL
  • Brian Richards, Serban Sound & Communications
  • Tim Schaeffer, Listen Technologies
  • Josh Shanahan, Sportview Technologies, Inc.
  • Eric Snider, Conference Technologies
  • Sandi Stambaugh, Synnex Professional Systems
  • Jeff Stoebner, AVI Systems, Inc.
  • Don Wilson, WAVE

Announcing SynAudCon’s Fall Seminar Schedule

SynAudCon is proud to release their 2011 fall “In-Person” training schedule.

SynAudCon Digital Seminar – $895

  • September 26-28, 2011 – Indianapolis IN (3-day seminar)
  • Register online or call 812-923-0174

ProSound Principles and Practices – $350

  • October 26, 2011 – LDI Show, Orlando FL
  • Please register for this seminar on LDI’s website.

Sound System Alignment and Equalization – $350

  • October 27, 2011 – LDI Show, Orlando FL
  • Please register for this seminar on LDI’s website.
  • Attend both days of instruction at LDI for $595

Sound Reinforcement for Technicians – $895

  • November 14-16, 2011 – St. Louis, MO (3-day seminar)
  • Register online or call 812-923-0174

If you cannot attend an in-person seminar, remember SynAudCon also offers web-based audio training. This allows you to experience SynAudCon training at the time and location of your choosing.


SynAudCon teaches at AES Brazil

Class Photo AES Brazil Joel Brito, Dave Distler, Pat and Brenda Brown

by Brenda Brown

In May of 2011, SynAudCon had an opportunity to teach a 3-day course called “Solving Classic Sound Reinforcement Problems with Modern Tools” at AES Brazil. The convention was held in Sao Paulo. A special thank you goes to Joel Brito, AES President in 2010,  for making this possible. He and his team made this trip very enjoyable for us.

Much of the credit for the success of the seminar goes to our translator Dave Distler. Dave is a US citizen who lives in Brazil. He speaks fluent Portuguese but just as important, he is a very knowledgeable audio practitioner. There is another very important reason David should get credit for the success of the seminar.

As we arrived in Brazil, we were at baggage claim retrieving our luggage. Pat’s main case with the seminar equipment was not at the luggage pickup, but a “same model” Pelican case was – Oh, no! Dave Distler was waiting for us outside the airport in the pickup area. He noticed a pelican case with the address “Rufing Rd, Greenville Indiana”. He then noticed the name Pat Brown on the side of the case. The gentleman pulling the case was NOT Pat Brown. Dave questioned the gentleman, who then realized he had picked up the wrong case. A BIG THANK YOU to Dave for saving the seminar and saving us thousands of dollars that would be needed to replace the equipment had we not been able to get our case back.

The seminar was standing room only with over 100 people attending each day. The attendees were motivated learners which made teaching fun and enjoyable.  Pat summarized the seminar in this YouTube video.

The exhibition show floor with extremely busy. The show was considered a success with a record breaking attendance of 6500. AES Brazil brings a unique feature that is not frequently seen at a trade show. They have an outdoor line array shootout. On 20 minute intervals, the music rotates between the arrays.  They also have a digital audio mixer demonstration.

The Line Array "Shoot Out"


We could not leave Brazil without spending a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro.  This city is most known for its beautiful beaches and the Christ Statue.  To us, it is known as the home of two dear friends, Joel Brito and Swen Mueller.  We were very fortunate to spend some time with them.  Joel Brito has attended many SynAudCon seminars over the years.  Swen is the author of the Monkey Forest measurement program that Pat uses to produce EASE and CLF data for loudspeakers.

Pat, Brenda and Swen

We were very fortunate to see Fiddler on the Roof at the local theatre. What a beautiful example of a well designed performance space. Even though the play was in Portuguese, we were familiar enough with it to follow along.  It was such a pleasure to sit back and enjoyed a great play in a beautifully designed acoustical environment with a well designed sound system. Kudos to all that were involved with this design.

Our sight-seeing day started with a bright, sunny morning. We walked the four miles to Sugarloaf (and back) to get a good look at the area and ride the cable car. We met with Swen to visit the Christ Statue, but as luck would have it a cloud moved through while we were up there. Swen is an avid cyclist and often rides his bike to the top. We did a jeep tour the next day and drank from some coconuts on Copacabana beach.  bb


Special Interview with Don Davis

Jim Ford, Don and Carolyn Davis

At InfoComm 2010, Don and Carolyn Davis, along with George Feldstein, received the Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award. During the show, Mr. Kann interviewed Don Davis.

Take a few minutes to listen to this rare 8 minute interview. ( To view Don’s interview, click on the “In Their Own Words” tab, then scroll down until you see his name.  The interview consists of 3 videos.”) The interview includes:

  • How did you get into business?
  • Designing an Audio Space
  • Equalization
  • Dealing with a Difficult Space



SynAudCon Launches New Online Classifieds Section

SynAudCon, an industry leading organization in audio education, has launched a new job board and used gear classifieds section on their website. features a professional community, a robust library of technical and educational articles, online audio training, and an assortment of forums and blogs geared toward audio professionals. The new job board and used gear classifieds section is part of SynAudCons ongoing efforts to provide the industry with the tools they need to excel in the professional audio marketplace. (more…)


SynAudCon Web-Based Training Demo And Self-Evaluation Quizzes Now Available

SynAudCon, an industry leading organization in audio education, now offers a free demonstration of their new interactive web-based training. The training module “The Signal Chain”, part of the Level 100 training, can be accessed online along with the corresponding quiz – an integral part of all of SynAudCon web-based training courses.

“We think it is important for people to have the opportunity to experience SynAudCon web-based training before signing up,” explains Brenda Brown, co-owner of SynAudCon. “There are many types of online training available – some better than others. We believe that when people experience the detail of our training along with Pat’s teaching method, they will find that our web-based training is on par with our in-person seminars.” (more…)


SynAudCon Welcomes a new Sponsor – CAD Audio

CAD Audio LogoSynAudCon is very pleased to welcome a new sponsor – CAD Audio. CAD which stands for Conneaut Audio Devices manufacturers microphones for studio use, live sound, personal audio, and commercial applications.

Gary Dixon, National Sales Manager for CAD Audio, recently attended the Audio and Acoustics for Conference Systems Workshop that was held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was through this experience that Gary became interested in our SynAudCon sponsorship program. Gary realizes the importance of education for his customers but also for his colleagues. He applauded our approach and was very interested in supporting our efforts. (more…)


A Tribute to Randy Vaughan

Don and Carolyn Davis thoughts

Randy Vaughan

Randy Vaughan

We were especially touched by the death of Randy Vaughan.  He was in our very first SynAudCon seminar in DC in 1973 – and many more after.  We never lost contact with Randy in our 22 years of teaching seminars. It was Randy that brought about our asking Pat to help us conduct a class at the farm.  Randy had agreed to assist Don teach a seminar at the farm, May 1993, starting Thursday.  Randy called on Tuesday afternoon to say that he had a doctor report that showed the sore on his foot was cancer.  He said that he would live, but it sufficiently shook him up that he felt that it was not wise for him to take part in the seminar. (more…)


Brenda Brown Wraps Up 2010

Brenda Brown SynAudCon

I think for most individuals and companies, 2010 was a year that forced many of us to re-evaluate our situation. Times are changing and changing quickly. Increased efficiency is at the top of everyone list.

We too, started asking those questions in 2009. We spent most of 2010 creating a new business model. As with any change, we had our share of challenges and made a few mistakes along the way.

When we first announced our plans to create web-based training, we had more negative comments than positive. This was disturbing to us but it challenged us to do our homework . We reviewed existing online training and worked hard to find ways to make our training engaging and interesting. After much research we believe we have produced Web-based training that will serve the audio industry well during these challenging economical times. (more…)


New Website with Great New Features

Exciting News from SynAudCon!

Last week, we launched a new and revised website. Yes, this is our second website launch for 2010. Soon after the release of website in June of this year, it became apparent that the site could not accommodate the Learning Management System (LMS) that we had planned to implement. It is a very important part of our Web-Based Training. In August, we hired a great new team* and started over. We were determined to get it right! We are pleased to announce that the new site has met our expectations. It is much more robust with some great new capabilities.

The new features include: (more…)


Highlights From the Workshop

Last week, 90 audio professional from around the world gathered in Fort Wayne Indiana for the SynAudCon Audio and Acoustic for Conference System Workshop. It was a fantastic and memorable three days. The days usually started at 7:30 am and most did not see their hotel room again until 10 or 11pm.  It was as if we did not want the days to end.

Kenny Bergle

The workshop was held at Sweetwater and it was the PERFECT place. It is hard to find words to describe this facility. Not only does it have a beautiful look and feel, it is also rated as on of the most efficient buildings in northern Indiana with green and energy saving technology. Russ Berger (taught the acoustics portion of the workshop) was the acoustical consultant “good acoustics”. This workshop took a great deal of multimedia capability and I do not know of another venue that could have pulled this off.  The meals were exceptional and our lunch was even supplemented one day with entertainment from guitarist Kenny Bergle. (more…)


SynAudCon Digital Class toured the Utah State Capitol Building

By Brenda Brown

Last week, we held the SynAudCon Digital Class in Salt Lake City. It was a great class with 40 attendees. The class was taught by Pat Brown, Steve Macatee, and Brad Benn.

Deward Timothy and Gerald Nelson

We often compliment the Digital seminar with a tour. This time, we had the privilege of touring the Utah State Capitol building. The consultant for the project was Gerald Nelson and Kurt Kallinga of Spectrum Engineers and the contractor was Poll Sound. The tour was led by Steve Jay and Deward Timothy of Poll Sound and Gerald Nelson from Spectrum Engineers. With the long halls and this large group, the tour would not have been possible without the use of Listen Technologies Tour System (LT-700 Portable Transmitter and LR-400 Body Pack Receivers). It allowed the entire group to hear every word, even while milling around and peering into racks and recesses.

What an interesting tour! The architecture drove much of the project and understandably, considering the ornate and elaborate design of the 1900’s venue. Salt Lake City is sitting on a seismic earthquake fault, which was the major reason for the huge renovation project. The Capitol makeover is an engineering achievement, with millions of pounds of concrete carefully shifted to new foundations and resting on devices called base isolators – thus protecting the building and its occupants from severe earthquake damage. The building can sway up to 3 feet in any direction, and is surrounded by a moat to allow room. In addition, artwork, fixtures and furnishings were acquired, conserved and created; and new service buildings were added to allow the work of the legislators to continue uninterrupted during the project.

Steve Jay's entertaining stories and history of the project enhanced the AV technical tour. The most up-to-date technology was installed.

This was a 7-year project for the consultant and it took one year for the installation. The venues toured included Legislative Committee and Caucus Rooms, Legislative Chambers, presentation rooms, board rooms, and the master control room. Systems include audio, video, control systems, recording, broadcast origination, transport, control, RF distribution, audio and video streaming, and voting systems. Systems can be combined at will for larger functions. Audio signals are transported throughout the building via CobraNet and AES3 which made it a nice compliment to the SynAudCon Digital Seminar. The media type is distance-dependent, with copper used for short runs and fiber for long ones.

With any 100-year-old building, most walls and spaces were no longer square. This required a continual on-the-fly redesign and much ingenuity to make the system work while preserving the architecture. The question in every room was “Where are the loudspeakers?” – all of which were cleverly concealed. Accomplishing this without sacrificing coverage was one of the hallmarks of the project. In one case a slightly-too-large Intellivox array was disassembled and the components loaded into a custom built cabinet that fit the concrete cavity.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to Poll Sound, Spectrum Engineers and Listen Technologies for making another learning opportunity possible for our group. Enjoy some photos that were taken during the tour.

Construction of the Capitol Building

The state capitol building operations were moved to another building to allow for this 4 year construction project.

The base isolators will allow the building to sway 3 feet during an earthquake.

Thanks to Listen Technologies Tour System, all 40 of us were able to hear Steve.

The speakers are cleverly hidden in the ceiling beam.

The loudspeakers are hidden in the framework beside the video display. They had to redesigned to fit the disproportionate space. Those are 103" plasmas!

SynAudCon Class in front of the Utah State Capitol Building

SynAudCon Digital Class Photo

SynAudCon Digital Seminar is taught by Pat Brown, Steve Macatee and Brad Benn.


The Live Sound Industry Says Goodbye to Albert Leccese

Albert Leccese teaching at a SynAudCon Seminar

Albert Leccese of Audio Analyst lost his long fight with lung cancer on July 17th, 2010. The live sound industry has lost one of the pillars upon which it was built and the world has lost a man of high character and integrity.

I think everyone who knew Albert has a story or memory that they could share.  I would like to share mine.

In the 90’s, the Live Sound Workshop was an yearly event. Albert was one of the instructors. He loved teaching and sharing his knowledge with others. Albert called me the first of June, together we were in the beginning stages of planning a Live Sound Workshop for 2011.  (more…)


SynAudCon Founders Honored With Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award


Syn-Aud-Con Founders Honored With Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award

Don and Carolyn Davis Recognized for Innovation In Audio Industry

Greenville, IN – June, 2010 – Syn-Aud-Con founders Don and Carolyn Davis have been issued the Adele De Berri Pioneers of AV Award from InfoComm International. The award was presented at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at InfoComm 2010, recently held in Las Vegas. (more…)


HIghlights of the SynAudCon Hospitality Room at InfoComm

By Brenda Brown

We  would like to thank everyone who came by the SynAudCon hospitality room at InfoComm. We had a great turnout. It is always very humbling to Pat and I to see so many people stop by after a long day on the show floor. Don and Carolyn mentioned to me several times how very special that day was to them.

Unfortunately, my battery in my camera died but here are a few photos of the first guests who arrived. (more…)


Audio & Acoustics for Conference Systems Workshop

I would like to share another great event with you — a SynAudCon Workshop is being planned for September, 2010. As most of you know, these one-time events are normally only offered every 2 or 3 years. This workshop should bring some clarity to a topic that has confused people for years. With an expert staff, this will be an event you do not want to miss.

2010 Workshop:
Audio & Acoustics for Conference Systems

When: September 16-18, 2010
Where: Fort Wayne IN
Staff: Jay Paul, Mario Maltese and Russ Berger
Supporting Staff: Pat and Brenda Brown

For more information check out his link.

We hope to see you there.

Brenda Brown


Sound Reinforcement for Technicians at InfoComm 2010

Join Us at InfoComm 2010 June 6th – 8th for this comprehensive in person training seminar.

Studying “how it works” is the key to troubleshooting and setting the system up correctly.
This seminar has been polished and refined for 2010 . It covers the theory behind how systems work, and demonstrates how to use instrumentation to look “under the hood” to troubleshoot systems. Advanced topics such a crossover adjustments and equalization are presented in a technical, yet practical manner. READ MORE >>


First phase of the online training will be release in April.

Dear Audio Professional,

Since we announced in November of 2009 that we are developing a new website and online training we have been extremely busy. What better way to provide you with an update of our progress than with video?

Audio professionals are pulled in many directions and are required to stay proficient in many areas. Audio is only one area of many, so we realize the importance of shortening the learning curve. The motto, “Simplicity is empowering” has been our driving force.

Our goal is to make the website and online training user-friendly. The online training is the culmination of years of conducting live classes and learning what works and what doesn’t. We try to put you in the classroom without leaving your PC, complete with animation, visuals, demonstrations and instruction.

Using this approach requires more of our time to develop the content, however, it will be a valuable resource for you.

We welcome your comments or suggestions. Thank you again for your patience as we go through this transition period.

We have purposefully planned our first in-person training at InfoComm (June 5-11, 2010) so we can focus our attention on this project until that time.

Our team continues to work tirelessly so that we can release the first phase soon.

Brenda Brown


Audio & Acoustics for Conference Systems Workshop

I would like to share another great event with you — a SynAudCon Workshop is being planned for September, 2010. As most of you know, these one-time events are normally only offered every 2 or 3 years. This workshop should bring some clarity to a topic that has confused people for years. With an expert staff, this will be an event you do not want to miss.

2010 Workshop:
Audio & Acoustics for Conference Systems

When: September 16-18, 2010
Where: Fort Wayne IN
Staff: Jay Paul, Mario Maltese and Russ Berger
Supporting Staff: Pat and Brenda Brown

For more information check out his link.

We hope to see you there.

Brenda Brown


ProCo says Goodbye to Charlie Wicks

Charlie Wicks, founder and CEO of Pro Co Sound, Inc. passed away on the morning of March 11th, 2010 due to complications related to his battle with cancer.

Charlie, 65, was an icon in the audio industry. He formed Pro Co in the early 1970’s to manufacture P.A. speakers and shifted to manufacturing cables and interconnect products in 1974. From that time, he successfully led the company over the next four decades to become a global presence in the audio industry.

Charlie loved education and was always extremely supportive of SynAudCon.  He was a natural teacher among other things.  I loved hearing his philosophy on teaching – an area he had a lot of insight.

We will miss positive attitude, his encouraging words and his insights. I truly believe he is one guy who had a way of making everyone feel special.

Brenda Brown