SynAudCon’s Ice Cream Social at InfoComm 2014

by Brenda Brown

This year at InfoComm, SynAudCon hosted an Ice Cream Social for it’s members. Many stopped by to say hello to old friends and to meet new friends.

The Sundae Bar was a hit. We had many requests to do it again next year.

Pat and I would personally like to thank everyone who came. Each person’s presence made it that much better. We truly enjoyed seeing everyone.

It’s YOU that makes events like this so special. Thank you again for coming.

The best way to capture the evening is through photos. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Ice Cream Sundae Bar



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SynAudCon Member Reception at InfoComm

SynAudCon will have a reception for the SynAudCon members at the Las Vegas Hotel. Stop by to enjoy an Ice Cream Sundae and say hello to everyone. Here’s the details.

  • Date: Wednesday, June 18th
  • Time: 7:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Place: Las Vegas Hotel in the Crown Room

Please RSVP to Brenda at by June 9th.

We hope to see you there.

Pat and Brenda Brown

Education, is it really worth my time and money?

by Brenda Brown

Over the years, I have spoken to hundreds of audio practitioners and business owners during our 3-day seminars.  Following are a few observations regarding education. Most of these are common sense.  Sometimes a reminder is needed, especially for that person who is considering more education for themselves or those within their company.

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Brenda’s New-Year Thoughts.

by Brenda Brown

Let’s welcome 2014 with a cheerful, thankful and hopeful spirit: inspired, guided and made stronger by the lessons learned in 2013.  Life is best if we look forward rather than looking behind. Let’s choose to love, be happy, kind and make the most of the upcoming year.

I couldn't resist showing off our new little grandson - Charles Patrick.

I couldn’t resist showing off our new little grandson – Charles Patrick.

Pat and I completed our 17th year with SynAudCon. Even after all these years, we are grateful to Don and Carolyn Davis for this opportunity to offer audio education. Our sponsors and members are the backbone of SynAudCon and they enable us to reach people and do things that would otherwise be impossible. Read more »

SynAudCon Teaches in Singapore

SynAudCon had the wonderful opportunity to present a 2-day seminar called “Core Principles of Audio” in Singapore on July 16-17, 2013. The seminar was held in conjunction with Palme Asia at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center.

Our hotel in Singapore

Our hotel in Singapore

It was our first trip to Singapore and it left an impression on us. We stayed at the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel. We had a few hours to enjoy the infinity pool at the Sky Park as we started each day with breakfast overlooking the beautiful city lights.

The seminar sold out within 2 weeks of the announcement with an attendance of 54. The attendees came with an enthusiastic spirit to learn.

We were graciously welcomed by everyone and were humbled by the number of people who personally thanked us for coming to Singapore.

A special thank you to Entertainment Technology Asia who arranged the seminar and Harman Asia and  MAHAJAK SKM for their sponsorship of the seminar. It was a short trip but an extremely memorable one.

Please enjoy the photos of the event and our stay in Singapore.

Entertainment Technology Asia staff with Pat and Brenda

Preview Entertainment Technology Asia staff with Pat and Brenda



Class Photo


Pat enjoyed answering questions during breaks.


Great food to enjoy during breaks.



SynAudCon’s Members Enjoyed Getting Together at InfoComm.

by Brenda Brown

This year at InfoComm, SynAudCon hosted a hospitality room for it’s members. Many stopped by to say hello to old friends and to meet new friends.

Pat and I would personally like to thank everyone who came.  Each person’s presence made it that much better. We truly enjoyed seeing everyone. Read more »

Registration Instructions for SynAudCon Seminar at InfoComm

1. Go to Check Attendee
2. Click on “Register Now” (Red block to the right side of the moving photo)
3. Select one of the 3 choices – New attendee   Continue Incomplete Registration    Already registered
4. Fill out the Badge Information Continue
5.  Check Terms and Agreement     Carefully look at Privacy Options Continue
6. Select one of the 3 options (AV Service Provider, End User or Other) Here comes the marketing questions.  They are required so please take a little time to fill them out.
7.  Click on “All Session and Events” Continue
8.  Now you can see all the classes taught at InfoComm.  Narrow the search by tying in Pat Brown. You will see the Sound Reinforcement for Technicians.  Check the box and Continue
9. Now you can review your information and your orderProceed to check out.
10. Now you can enter your Credit card Information.

Sound System Engineering 4th Edition Now Available

The 4th edition of Sound System Engineering by Don Davis*, Eugene Patronis, Jr.**, and Pat Brown***, offers a unique opportunity to put three mentors on your bookshelf. What is shared in the 4th edition took the authors a collective 150 years of experience, study and research.

Long considered one of the key books on the well-informed audio engineer’s shelf, Sound System Engineering provides an accurate, complete, and concise tool for all those involved in designing, implementing, and testing sound reinforcement systems. This new fourth edition includes eight new chapters leading the reader through both cutting-edge topics—e.g., IBM’s proposed thought-controlled sound system—and solid basics, such as loudspeaker specifications, wave equations, and digital audio.

The 4th edition relates personal recollections of the work done by Bell Telephone Laboratories during the 1930s up to the current attempt to control audio systems with the mind. This not only gives you all the clues necessary to your own individual search of the past, but the starting point for creative work in the present century.

Topics covered include:

  • Psycho-acoustics and how the brain processes sound
  • Digital theory
  • Mathematics for audio systems
  • Using the decibel
  • Interfacing electrical and acoustical systems
  • Audio and acoustic measurements
  • Large room and small room acoustics
  • Designing for acoustic gain
  • Designing for speech intelligibility
  • Wave equations
  • Microphones
  • Loudspeakers, loudspeaker arrays, and loudspeaker directivity
  • Power ratings for amplifiers and loudspeakers
  • Computer-aided system design
  • Signal delay, signal synchronization, and signal processing
  • Sound system equalization

Packed with numerous illustrations and useful appendices, this is a concentrated capsule of industry standards and knowledge that spans the complete range of sound systems, from the simplest all-analog paging systems to the largest multi-purpose digital systems.

Sound System Engineer #4 edition can be purchased on Amazon for $90.72

*Don Davis and his wife Carolyn founded Synergetic Audio Concepts in 1972. Don and Carolyn both Fellows of the Audio Engineering Society. Don is a senior member of the IEEE and gold member of the Acoustical Society of America. Don and Carolyn received dual lifetime achievement awards from NSCA, the Adele De Berri Pioneers of the AV award from InfoComm International, and the USITT Harold Burris-Meyer Distinguished Career in Sound Design Award.  Both Don and Carolyn were recipients of Indiana’s highest citizen award from the Governor when they were made Sagamore of the Wabash for their contributions to education.

** Eugene Patronis, Jr. taught in the School of Physics of the Georgia Institute of Technology for over fifty years.  Throughout his tenure he participated in academic research and industrial consulting in the fields of experimental nuclear physics, acoustics, and electronics. He is the author of several patents in audio related topics.

***Pat Brown is the president of Synergetic Audio Concepts Inc. and of Electro-acoustics Testing Company, Inc. both of Greenville Indiana. He teaches audio engineering seminars world-wide, and develops web-based audio training programs. His background as a musician, sound contractor, and electronics technicians and consultant has forged his practical approach to solving audio and acoustic problems.

SynAudCon Rolls Out New Workstations For Sound Reinforcement For Technicians Training

Greenville, IN – March, 2013 – SynAudCon is pleased to announce new workstations for the “Sound Reinforcement For Technicians” seminar.

New IPod-based Instrumentation Workstations

The 3-day multimedia seminar has upgraded the workstations to include an iPod TouchTM controlling an audio instrumentation interface.

Via a custom signal distribution system, attendees are able to measure

  • voltage,
  • impedance,
  • polarity,
  • SPL and

with the new equipment. The course instructs attendees on what these measurements mean and how to use them to ensure that the system is performing optimally.

“With the advances of technology, it is now possible to get professional and reliable readings using instrumentation that is not that expensive and can almost fit in your pocket,” explains Pat Brown, SynAudCon president. “With that type of accessibility it is important that the user understand how to interpret the information and adjust the system accordingly. That is what we cover during the “hands on” portion of the seminar.”

The new workstations feature an iPod TouchTM running a professional audio test and measurement app controlling an audio interface for iOS that includes a phantom powered mic input, balanced line input and output, and internal battery. A measurement microphone completes the package.

The Sound Reinforcement For Technicians seminar walks attendees through the process of troubleshooting a sound reinforcement system. The extensive training covers a number of topics including system gain structure, grounding and shielding, amplifier selection and system tuning.

There are currently three seminars on the schedule for 2013.

  • Toronto ON on April 8-10,
  • Infocomm at Orlando FL on June 9-11
  • Burbank CA on Oct. 28-30.

Registration is available online at under “In-Person Training.”

Pat Brown receives the Peter Barnett Award 2012

Peter Mapp presented the award to Pat at the ECS Speech Intelligbility Workshop. The immediate response from the crowd was a heartfelt standing ovation that lasted longer than the modest educator cared for-but the audience clearly and intelligibly wanted to show its appreciation for what Pat and Brenda Brown have done to extend the legacy of SynAudCon and its founders Don and Carolyn Davis.

Presentation Speech given by Institute of Acoustics

It gives me great pleasure as a representative of the Institute of Acoustics Electro-acoustics Group to be able to honour Pat Brown for his ongoing remarkable contributions to the welfare of Reproduced Sound.

Pat Brown’s contribution to electro-acoustics is measured by his gut level and study-enhanced understanding of audio and his remarkable teaching skills.  He has an almost unmatchable ability to present highly technical information in a form in which the highly knowledgeable learn something and don’t complain about being talked down to, and where at the same time, those with less experience learn even more.  And these two types of student learn together in the same room, sharing their experiences and gaining respect for each other’s roles in the delivery of audio excellence. Read more »

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