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SynAudCon sponsors support our objectives of bringing real world training and knowledge to improve our industry. SynAudCon is very grateful to our Sponsors and the support many of them have given us for years.

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Yamaha Commercial Audio - Williams Sound - SurgeX International - Soundcraft/Studer - Shure - Sennheiser - Tannoy - Renkus-Heinz - RDL - Rane - Neutrik - Music Group - Listen - Lectrosonics - JBL Professional - IED - Electro-Voice - Duran Audio - dbx - d&b audiotechnik - Crown Audio - Community Professional Loudspeakers - BSS Audio - Bose - Biamp Systems - Atlas Sound - Audio-Technica - AKG - Acoustics First

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    SynAudCon is very grateful to our Sponsors and for the years of support they have given us. Visit the sponsor page

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