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How to Listen is a desktop software application developed by the Harman International R&D group for the purpose of training and selecting listeners used in audio product research, development, and testing. The software consists of a number of training exercises where different kinds of timbral, spatial and dynamic distortions commonly found within the recording and audio chains are simulated and added to music.
The listener’s task is to identify, classify or rate these distortions according to a number of well-defined perceptual attributes and scales. The software automatically adjusts the difficulty of each training task based on the listener’s performance.
Harman is happy to offer a free beta version of this software to audio enthusiasts in the hope that they will use it to improve their critical listening skills and appreciation for high quality sound reproduction.

This note introduces the classic audio tests used to characterize audio performance. It describes each test and the conditions necessary to conduct the test.

It is incorrect to state peak voltage levels in dBu. It is common but it is wrong.

Calculating dB, volts, and SPL made easy.

Why they are different and what their effects are. Lots of graphs.

Free Downloads by: Curt Taipale, professional audio consultant

Free Downloads by: Curt Taipale, professional audio consultant