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Audio-technica has created a series of training videos on mic placement and techniques.

Implementing Digital Wireless Systems
(Sennheiser) In this presentation by David Missall, you will learn the advantages and challenges of digital wireless systems.

An FCC update (Sennheiser) Another great presentation by David Missall. David provides information about new FCC spectrum changes.

A Brief Guide to Microphone Selection and Use for Places of Worship (AudioTechnica)
The examples used in this guide are drawn largely from the worship situations most commonly encountered in the United States.

Get the facts: how to select, operate and get the best performance out of your wireless systems. For beginners and experts alike.

If microphones seem a mystery, a few minutes reading this guide may help clear up some misconceptions.

Get familiar with wireless microphone systems.

Recommended microphone type and placement for a large variety of live vocal and instrument situations.

Comprehensive review of microphones, wireless microphone systems and mixers for church sound applications. Specific sections covering miking techniques for altar, lectern and choir. Disponible en Espanol.

This booklet covers the selection and operation of wireless systems and personal monitors for House of Worship applications. Disponible en EspaƱol.

Essential steps to quality recording using a microphone and multitrack recorder.

Some suggestions to follow when miking musical instruments and drums for sound reinforcement.

Recommended microphone type and placement for a large variety of vocal and instrument situations.

In this guide, Shure application engineers describe particular microphone techniques and placement: techniques to pick up a natural tonal balance, techniques to help reject unwanted sounds, and even techniques to create special effects.